Monthly Archives: June 2016

It’s traveling time, traveling time, traveling time!

I’m going to an NFB national convention!!!! This is fact and I am more excited than if someone had given me a million bucks: however, that would be useful. Most of our stuff is packed, and we leave on a late night train. Even though everything is ready to go, I’m having a hard time letting it sink in. That may not happen until our friends, Landon and I hop on the train. I owe a lot to my friends and traveling partners. They’ve been there, answering questions, listening to my long, rambling What’s App messages, and read my iMessages where either my typing or dictation made what I meant to say gobbledygook. So a huge hats off and thank you to those two; I owe you a lot. 🙂 Thank you!!!!!

Everyone get ready for all the tweets, periscopes, and who knows what else. We’ll see some of you there at #NFB16.

Let the fun begin.